Saturday, October 13, 2012

Typing in my gloves - October 14th 2012

View of Portobello Peninsula
from the public bench in Portobello

I have to admit that I am missing my warm, centrally heated house. They don't heat the Department over the weekend, and my office is very cold. About as cold as my flat/room. Right now it isn't bad outside, but the room has never warmed up, and I am typing with my gloves on. Kind of makes it hard for me to think properly. 

View back up the harbour (i.e. to the SW) towards Dunedin
Picture taken en route to Portobello.

After a grey start to the day, some blue sky showed up (between clouds), and it wasn't raining, so I took the public bus out to Portobello (small 'townlet' on the Otago Peninsula, which is itself beside a small peninsula which is the home to the Otago University Portobello Marine Laboratory. I just spent a while walking, poking around, then turned around and got the bus back. Very nice to get out. 

Ads for Moroccan Lamb Burgers ......

Other trivia include: All the ads I am seeing for a MacDonalds Lamb Burger (don't worry, I haven't gone over to the dark side). I bet they aren't available in the US ? Or are they having a big push there too - it is because they are trying to open up the market to non-beef eating cultures.  

Penguin in downtown Dunedin

Also, the penguin sculptures in downtown Dunedin. The title is "You are not alone" The road to Milford Sound was closed because of rockfall (see pic from TV above). I will take a break for a couple of days because I have completely hit the wall, and need a change of scenery - I am not making any progress. Dhana is in town tomorrow, and I will get a ride back up to Central Otago with her and spend a couple of nights in Alex with her and Mark.

That is a bicycle

Elevator buttons in the Geology Department.
Thus far I have resisted adding an
alternative set of destinations
 (atmospheric layers, going up from the basement).
Maybe the emergency button should read
'Meteorite Impact' ?

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