Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One Figure (i.e. one map) Thurs 11th Oct

Location Map for Eyre Creek
drafted by yours truly in Adobe Illustrator.

Yeehah. VERY SLOW progress, but on the left you see the fruits of my labours! This location map (Figure 1 of 12 in the paper)  took all day. BUT I made multiple errors, and I think I have learned from them, so it should start getting faster. I gave my first draft to a colleage here to look through and they went through it - lots of suggestions for changes. Uggh. But they are all good comments - just means lots more work on it. And thinking.

It is still grey and wet and cold. Everyone is whining about it - wettest and coldest October since 2003.

Minnesota friends: I have a question. There are dasies everywhere growing in the grass. I swear we don't have dasies in our grass in Minnesota. Just dandelions and other stuff. Am I just forgetting?

The grass. Note all the daisies.

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