Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Perfect Woman ?? ... October 24 2012

Well, turns out I missed a couple of major events last weekend. First of all, I missed the New Zealand Gold Panning Championships in Arrowtown - but based on my experience thus far, I don't think I would have done too well.

The many talents of a Perfect Woman ???

More importantly, I forgot to sign up to take part in Wanaka's Perfact Woman Contest. I don't think I would have done too well in that either - the lamb-skinning would have got me. They did miss computer drafting as one of the items, which I would like to substitute for the Lamb-skinning.

The Finalists
Appropriately oriented for the Southern Hemisphere

In other news, it looks like the Vanuatu 'TSA' might be in for a bit of trouble given that someone flew from there to Auckland with a live artillery shell in their luggage.

Most importantly, I (finally) finished drafting 3 more figures (see down below). Still got the most complicated ones to go, but I'm moving forward S L O W L Y.

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