Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Filling the Tank .... November 1st 2012

I am still adjusting to buying petrol (gas) by the liter - at New Zealand prices. Basically one has to fill up when one has to fill up, but that did stop me from having a mini panic attack when I filled the tank on the rental Toyota Corolla. NZ $ 103.24.  I hadn't really thought through how much it would cost.
The exchange rate is essentially 0.85 (US 85 cents = NZ $1), but it always seems like 1:1 because everything is much more pricey here.

I almost drove to Christchurch and back on a tank (I did Dunedin to Christchurch then back south as far as Glenavy - the warning light was on ....). After beautiful, Sunny, warm Christchurch, it started to get cold and wet in Oamaru. It is cold and wet in Dunedin as I write this.

More on Christchurch when I get a chance. I have to hunker down and wrap up Eyre Creek without distraction.

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