Thursday, October 25, 2012

Photomicrographs October 26th 2012

Photomicrograph of radiolarian chert The little white blebs
are recrystallized radiolaria (microfossils).
Yeehah! I spent all afternoon taking photomicrographs (photographs through a microscope of a rock thin-section - i.e. a 30-micron thick slice of rock). This is the task I had been dreading and putting off, because it used to be so 'messy' and complicated, BUT they have a totally AWESOME digital setup here. I didn't even have to calculate the field of view or scale bars. I'm very happy about that. Now, I just have to wrap up the drafting and text. My aim is to finish (yes, you've heard this before ...) the Eyre Ck. mss. this wknd. Then I can move on to the Northwest Nelson mss. !! Ultimately, as long as I submit Eyre Creek before I leave NZ for AGU I'll be happy.

Guess this is part of my experience
Why? because I am heading up to Christchurch Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday to see some geologists there and to scope out the accomodation / cottage I have organized for February through May. I am kind of nervous about the visit because everyone tells me how overwhelming the earthquake devastation is. I'd better get used to it I suppose.
I suppose you could call this truth in advertising

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