Monday, October 29, 2012

Dance-O-Mat - Christchurch Oct 30th

Dance-O-Mat from a distance. Note cranes in distance.
It still all seems quite surreal; I am in 'post-apocalypse'(okay, post-earthquake) Christchurch, whilst Hurricane Sandy bears down on NJ (my mother) and NY (Joshua) and the eastern and central US, and it all sounds very grim. I could write reams about my Christchurch experience, but have selected one 'highlight' that captures the spirit of the City. I should add that today was the first day since being in New Zealand that I was WARM. Clear blue sky and SUN - finally! I even had to opt for shade at one point. That isn't the only reason I am upbeat about Christchurch, I am just amazed at how they are managing the demolition / reconstruction / rebuild, and the creative energy that one sees all over the place.

Introducing the Dance-O-Mat

 Witness the Dance-O-Mat. I wasn't quite sure what
it was when I came round the corner, but the following pictures should be self explanatory - (click on them so you can enlarge and read the instructions). More to follow in later blog posts. Oh, I also had a really productive meeting with one of my Lower Paleozoic collaborators in the Geology Department at Canterbury, so I'm feeling much better about stuff. In fact, visit me when I am in Christchurch, and we can go out to the Dance-O-Mat ! Go to .
How to use the Dance-O-Mat

About the group that designed / created it - 'Gap-Filler'

Another view of dance-O-Mat. Car park area behind was
formerly a building.
Another view. This time note the source of the dance
music on the left of the dance floor. Also note the disco ball.

Look under the lit for the instructions

Closer up of the whole thing.

Lid needs to be down to work. Don't forget change.

Plug in your ipod / mps/anything with an audiojack here !

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