Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bits-N-Bobs ... Weds 3rd Oct

Poster for Otago University Student President Elections
He was the runner-up
So it is the 3rd October here, but it won't be the 3rd yet in the US for some time. That means we get to watch the Debate that takes place on the 3rd around lunchtime into early afternoon on the 4th October. I'm not sure whether I will watch it - if I can find a place it is being broadcast - other than in a pub. In the meantime I was thoroughly entertained by a student piece in the Otago Student Magazine about US Politics and the election. It is easy reading, and good entertainment, and gives you insight into Kiwi student perspectives.

Go to: http://www.critic.co.nz/features/article/2497/a-beginners-guide-to-the-american-presidential-ele

View across the Leith to the University Staff Club

As far as work goes, I finally realized (I'm slow sometimes, or just stubborn!), that the only way to get manuscripts completed is to complete them. So after dabbing in Northwest nelson for a while, I got back to Eyre Creek and I have been hunkered down all week just going through it. Slow going - and TONS of papers to read as I do it.  If Ben's friend Ethan can run 93 miles in 27 hours, 19 minutes, 19 seconds (I don't know how he does it) -  he just completed the fastest known time for a complete, unsupported circumnavigation of Mount Rainier - then I can get this done.

Go to: http://beyondtheranges.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/wonderland-trail-fkt-927-928/

Window display in a knick-knack store. I don't think one
would ever see this in the US.

Oh, and the most unsettling thing last. On my way home from St. Clair the other day (Sunday) I spotted this display in a knick-knack store window. I was absolutely stunned. Gobsmacked. Actually puzzled.
My first reaction was horror - how could race continue to presented like this ? The dolls reminded me of the statuettes we got with Robertsons Jam labels when I was a child in the UK (I just cringe when I look back on that). Then I tried to argue with myself that there were 'white' rag dolls in the window too, and why, after all, should there not be both white and black dolls. Anyway, it was Sunday, and the shop was closed, so I have been left to live with my reflections. I really do wonder if the owners have any idea about what their display signified.

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