Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gas & Fractures (aka Snakes & Ladders)

Went into the CBD (Central Business District) in Christchurch today to take a look and see how things are going. Lots more empty space - many more buildings demolished than when I was here in November, and I got thoroughly lost in the one-way system. But the creative spirt still shines through. Today I discovered this game in the Re:Start Mall (The 'container' shopping area in the CBD). Now I have to go fill out my NZ Census form - turn out that I am here when they do the Census, and I am counted. Two forms, a dwelling form and an individual form. Then I need to work on taxes for the US. Ugghh. I also have to get ready for my trip up to Wellington next week - I will be going up there to see one of my colleagues and try to figure out how the new map and stratigraphy meshes with the work I did, and my interpretations. I have to get organized for that - and try to get the text of the fan delta and the tectonics/melange papers done.

Rules of the Game
Board and Dice
The Fracking Wheel

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