Thursday, February 7, 2013

Too much to read!

I have 20 years of research on Fan-Deltas to catch up on so I can make my paper relevant to the new and evolving ideas (the data are always the same, it is just a matter of how I frame it). I have found someone (a sedimentologist) who will read my manuscript in draft form to tell me if I am missing key concepts or points, so that is good. Now I have to get it done. I just did a reference database search, and came up with ~75,000 references that have something to do with fan-deltas. Uggh.  I mustn't get overwhelmed (my mantra). I need to narrow the search so I can make headway. It is beautiful outside and the temptation to give up and go for a walk is *almost* overpowering ... In case you are wondering, it has been (mostly) shorts weather, and I got sunburnt last weekend. Also got very bitten by sandflies (think: a biting midge - they have a bite like a mosquito, but are tiny).

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