Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Drive Safely

Or, Drive Safely!! Note water on lens.
Truth in advertising .. this is where we put in. This is clean and
natural New Zealand :)
My final tourist adventure was kayaking on Milford Sound. Then back to Dunedin, where I am now trying to work on my Lockett Conglomerate Sedimentology paper. I worked through 20 years of references today, picking the ones I need to read ......

What a treat Milford was .... we had very un-Milford-like weather (i.e. no rain), and it was still 'warm'. It was hard work (my arms are still sore), but lots of fun. We had to deal with wakes from the tourist boats, which I loved - got very wet - glad my camera was in the 'dry bag.' We saw a fiordland crested penguin, which was trying to be miserable and moult in privacy. The we paddled across the sound into whitecaps generated by the adiabatic (??) winds that come onshore (up-sound) in the afternoon - that was really hard work. The next part was a real blast - we used a tent fly as a sail, and with three kayaks held together, we 'sailed' (quite fast at times) all the way back to the Arthur River (near where the Milford Track ends). I didn't take any pictures at all, because I didn't want my camera to get damaged (salt water), which means I just enjoyed everything.

View looking NW, on the east side of Homer Tunnel which
goes over to Milford Sound. Single lane tunnel, no
lining, and lights change every 15 mins approx. They are
worried about danger from falling rocks, so are in the
process of extending the portal on the west side. There is
apparently a full-time spotter, keeping an eye out for falling blocks.
The tunnel / road closes at 7 pm each night.

East portal of the Homer Tunnel

View SW (?) towards the Earl Mtns, as we head back to Te Anau.
This is a place called ... Mirror Lakes
Read for yourself

These are the New Zealand Bands that we listened to music from
 in the van. I asked for a list of them.

Then the weather changed.

After a while it changed to intermittent squalls

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