Monday, February 18, 2013

Mount Cook and Christchurch - finally!

My academic interest in going to Christchurch via mt. Cook was so I could see the terraces and the moraines. I wanted good pictures to use for teaching (at least that was my excuse).

View of Mt. Cook from the SW side of  Lake Pukaki.
Face on the other side of the Lake is 'decorated' with terraces.
I need to learn more about their history.
I walked up the Hooker Valley across / around a variety of moraines and pro-glacial lakes. 

View to the front of the Mueller Glacier (covered in debris)
and the sedimentary debris mantling the valley side. Water is
yellow grey-green because there is so much clay and silt in it.
The lake in front of the Hooker  Glacier. I particularly like
the story that can be deciphered about the relative age of
events from the terraces and scree slopes across the valley.
Yes, that is another funky cloud in the upper left. 
One of three 'swing bridges' en route up the Hooker
Now I am going through the process of getting keys, photo ID, building access, library access and computer access at Canterbury - but I still have computer access at home, so I have excuse but to read some articles that I have to read before I can write any more of the fan-delta paper. I have my mandatory earthquake safety training tomorrow.

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