Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dunedin to Mt. Cook

I'm way behind on things. I managed to complete most of the essential tasks in Dunedin, but there are some things I will need to go back and do. BUT managed an unflustered exit, complete with the requisite spread at morning tea (my friend Sue made scones, I brought cream and jam). First stop as I headed north was Moeraki Boulders. For the geologists amongst you, they are concretions, specifically, septarian concretions. But they could be markers for a martian landing spot (as someone once tried to convince me).

Moeraki Boulders. Approx 1 meter in diameter.
More of same.
Then it was on to Oamaru, where I spent some time poking around in the Historic District - Amazing place - I'd never been there in all my years of driving north through Oamaru to do fieldwork in NW Nelson.

Steampunk is a whole creative/art genre that I still don't quite understand.
Many of its practitioners dress in punk victorian fashion it seems (for
events at least), and make stuff out of discarded victoriana. Google it - I haven't. 
Working letter press / printing press in the Historic Area.
Limestone - the maori cave paintings  are done beneath overhangs in it.

The red (ochre) is / are the cave paintings
Then it was up the Waitaki Valley through all the hydro-power schemes/lakes.

A map. Yes, north is up in the southern hemisphere too.
The Waitaki Dam
Getting closer to Twizel
Honoring the rare and endangered Black Stilts - in the Twizel
Shopping area.

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