Monday, March 4, 2013

Fork Handles

I spent 4 days in Wellington - two of them meeting with a colleague who works on the Paleozoic at GNS (Geologic and Nuclear Sciences - read 'Geological Survey'), and two with extended family and friends. My time at GNS was really productive. I now know more background to some of the papers that have been published over the past 20 years, and it is much easier to proceed with my work. It was also fun realizing quite how many people at GNS I know - I kept running in to people - quite a few of them were colleagues when I was involved with Andrill.

First though, is the reason I love the ads here:
Ad. seen in Wellington Airport
There was also the jumping / diving platform on the Wellington Promenade:

Jumping Platform (I failed to get footage of the
20-30 people that were jumping into the
harbour - some with significant splashes
Warning. Ignored.

I love Wellington, not just because of it's Middle Earth connections ...
View out my plane window upon arrival
Gollum fishing in the Domestic Terminal

But also because the harbour and surrounding hills are so accessible ....

View from Friends house
View from top of Kaukau (peak /hill overlooking Wgtn.
I walked up from downtown
View of Wgtn. from top of Kaukau

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