Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Trench

I went to Kaipoi today to look at the trench trough earthquake liquefaction strctures. One of the PhD students is studying them. Here are some pics. We spent a long time looking at the layers of sediment, trying to figure out the history of events recorded. 

The grey vertical things are called dikes; they fed the material to the surface from down below.
Note the rusty colored ones (most easily seen on lower left); They are probably from an 'ancient' earthquake
more of same
Doming of overlying sediment by ancient earthquake - the grey stuff didn't 'rise' enough to
reach the surface
Even more of the same :) 
sarah cleaning the surface / looking to see what happens to certain
layers in three dimensions
Yet even more of same :)
A close up of feeder dike
yet another close-up ....

The street next to the park where the trench is. Note
how irregular (and patched-up) the surface is - this is a consequence
of the liquefaction and below-srface disruption - all the silt and sand has been
removed from the surface because it was a big air pollution hazard.

House across the road from the trench. Boarded up - This is a red-zone area.

Road near park.

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