Thursday, March 7, 2013


And I'm not talking about people in the northern hemisphere. I've been working on my fan delta paper, and trying to make sense of some sedimentological / stratigraphic problems that I had kind of avoided dealing with in my actual PhD. I had a big Ahhh-Haaa moment today when I realized that I had presented one of my measured sections upside-down. I had measured it going uphill through the bluffs, and forgot to show it going from the top to the bottom (if that makes sense to you). Anyway, once I realized that, I was (a) quite mortified, (b) surprised that no-one amongst my examiners had picked it up, and (c) pleasantly surprised to find that I am now able to make a nice tidy story out of it once I integrate it with the other measured sections. I still have TONS of work to do catching up on new work / reminding myself of what I once knew, but I'm on a roll ... yipee! That means fewer posts.

In other work news I am putting together a multi-authored 'white paper' on the Takaka Terrane for the GeoPRISMS (big NSF project) meeting that will be held in Wellington  in April. I forgot to apply to participate (applications were due just before Xmas, it dropped off my radar), but I will at least get my piece 'heard', even if I am not there. It was due today, deadline extended until Monday, which is a good thing. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow.

Now I'm going to go and read about Chavez, or maybe I should say about Venezuela without Chavez.

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