Monday, September 3, 2012

Time Travel : Tuesday 4th Sept

I've realized that the date / day that is associated with each post is the US day and time, rather than the day and time that I actually post. For example, The post supposedly written on Friday, was actually written on Saturday etc. I have changed all the clocks on my computer, and even talked with the tech. people here, and no-one knows why. Bottom Line is I'll just put the *real* date in the title.

From the Job Ads in the Otago Daily Times
I still don't have access to online journals, but I have started working on the Eyre Creek mss.  Today I had lunch with my PhD advisor (Dr. Chuck Landis, now retired), and I talked through my plans with him. He advised me to focus on the tasks at hand, and not to let myself get distracted by anything - that I have more than enough data, and I will find that the time will go very quickly. I am going top pin a note to that effect above my desk.

As far as Dunedin goes, I am stunned by how it seems to be thriving - lots of places to eat - and a wide variety of choices. In the weekend paper I noted that there were almost two pages of job ads - mostly 'ordinary', non-professional jobs - but certainly more ads than I see in the Pioneer Press. This is an example.

For Juan: New Zealand plays Argentina in rugby this weekend !

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