Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Things Electronic - Afternoon, Thursday 20th September

Today felt like a one-lane bridge (just like
this one at Millers Flat)
One of those days where I have been VERY BUSY but have nothing concrete to show for it. Met with my PhD Advisor and we talked about how I am prioritizing work on my manuscripts, and what I can 'ignore' (all the unpublished theses) as I work on the mss.

After help from both the Librarians here at Otago and at SCSU I have managed to link my REFWORKS account at SCSU to the databases available through Otago. I sat through about 5 online tutorials and am still a bit befuddled about how to manage my online searches and saving all the citations, but hopefully I can get the Librarian here to spend 30 mins or so with me to help me with a couple of the questions I have. Phew.
Today felt kind of like I was chopping and storing
wood for winter

Finally, I asked the computer / draftsperson here if they could help solve my Illustrator 'problem', and, well ... I didn't have the problem when they were standing behind me - BUT he gave me some really good pointers, AND he told me he could scan all my ginormous paper maps for me, so I don't have to scan them in pieces. So I gave all nine maps/cross-sections to him, and he said he'd do that tomorrow. Yes!

Remnants of buildings at Stewart Town at Bannockburn.
Note that those are 'clay' bricks - not schist

I also (finally) made myself a calendar plan for what I want to get done and when, which involved sending emails to people in Christchurch and Wellington. All of this takes SO MUCH TIME ! But I have to do it all to move forward.

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