Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pleasantly Surprised - Wednesday 5th Sept

View to the SE across the southern part of the Otago Harbour
towards the South Pacific
After a slow start (and a not-so-early swim), and a Department Seminar / Talk, I tackled a task I had been avoiding. I had failed to give grid references for samples in my Eyre Creek Research, and I thought they must be lost to history (or, my field notebooks at St. Cloud) - but when I excavated the Otago sample catalog I discovered that (a) I used to have neat writing and (b) the grid references were all there. Now I am grappling with free software that allows me to plot the data - should be easy but it won't let me access the online manual and I can't get the symbols I want ... Illustrator won't behave either, which is frustrating.

Page from the OU Geology sample catalog

Last night it was really windy - a real sou'wester - accompanied by rain. I must remember to take my raingear with me each day - I got quite wet and cold walking home. The good news is that walking up the hill is a little less painful.

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