Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hobbit Researchers? September 27th

Upgraded attic space - Note the label on the door.
Oh, and the lock.
My office is in the attic of the Geology Building (see picture from early blog). It has been significantly upgraded since I was a denizen of the attic as a PhD student. One of the upgrades is pictured here. I think I was pretty lucky - I had a whole enormous attic room to myself - or shared with one other student. Note also the Instructions for Care and feeding of said Research / Graduate Student. Again, no complaints from me.

Today I spent ALL DAY making an appropriately georeferenced base map. Ugghh. Just a base. One of nione maps. Now I have to port it into Adobe Illustrator and draft the geologic map. I REALLY WISH I had learned how to use GIS properly, because I could make my maps entirely in GIS if I was adept / more au fait with GIS (Arc).

Instructions for 'use' of Research / Graduate Student

What else? I have to grapple with all the work (mostly geochem) that has been done since I worked in NW Nelson. It is overwhelming, and I need to figure out what of my work makes 'sensible' publications. First to understand all the new data - this will take quite some time. I got some strips of paper that are cut-off edges from posters and I am going to resort to pencil on paper to try and diagram out annotated changes on a series of strat. columns. Uggh. NOTE: Always publish as soon as you have completed your research - even better WHILE you are doing it.

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