Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pescatorian? On Friday 14th September

"Pescatorian" - does that mean one ONLY eats fish?
I registered for the Geological Society of New Zealand Annual Conference today (yes, it was the deadline), and faced a menu option I have not encountered before. I almost decided it was worth seeing what 'pescatorian' would produce, but since I am allergic to shellfish, I decided I'd stick with the standard menu.

I also received my US absentee ballot via email. I am now double-checking which ID # I used to request it, because if one writes the wrong one (last 4 of social or passport # or drivers license #) then the vote won't be counted.

View out of one of the windows in
my flat. Nice Slate. 

Finally got online Library access today - but I still need my password. The good news is that I almost have a rough draft of my Eyre Creek mss. complete. I am going to head up to Central Otago again this weekend, and have a longer weekend there -coming back Tuesday. I am taking the new NW Nelson QMAP with me so I can start wrapping my brain around the changes in Stratigraphic nomenclature so I can start working on the Haupiri Group mss. I also plan to buy some locally produced merino wool to start knitting a cardigan.

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Carrie said...

these are just lovely posts. I'm gobbling them all up at once instead of reading them as I should have. But buying wool, revealing the quirky, immersing yourself in your PhD work--what a wonderful change of pace for you.