Thursday, November 8, 2012

Give Teeth a Chance November 9th 2012

Dunedin / Otago Newspaper Front Page

Phew, now I can breathe again and focus on work. Yesterday and today were the first days in Dunedin that one could wear a t-shirt - or at least walk around outside without a jacket or sweater - without being cold. About time too - very nice indeed.

I met with someone in the Library yesterday - they showed me what I was doing wrong when it came to selecting reference formats in refworks. Just lots of tedious work now to fix the reference list .... I have been re-reviewing my mss. and I keep finding more things that I have to check up on, read etc. It is driving me crazy. As soon as I have finished this post I'm making final changes and sending it to Chuck and Richard for their final review before I submit it.  Ugghh.

Want to accessorize?  Yes, from the ODT.
John Lennon's tooth on a necklace? Hmmm.

I'm heading off until Wednesday to do a 2-3 day traverse of the Old Man  & Old Woman Range in Central Otago with Dhana. There is still snow on the tops, so we will take snowshoes in case. I'll be back on Wednesday or Thursday. I'm doing a talk/seminar for the Tectonophysics Group soon, so I have to get that planned, then it is the New Zealand Geological Society Meeting at the end of November (in Hamilton, North Island), then it is off to the American Geophysical Union Meeting in San Francisco and back home for a couple of weeks. Yikes, time runs by so quickly.

Some (or is it A?) Protea - outside my 'boarding house'
These plants just look so 'antique' Love 'em.

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